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This tool is a straight forward approach

Nowadays, organizations are progressing rapidly. To progress, you need to bring change in business process, working on multiple projects and many other things. To handle these multiple activities, there is a need the right tool to assist in the Management Of Change Process. RACI tools will allow you to develop business processes for positive results. RACI is an acronym for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.
These four areas of task management are used in a matrix that can be further utilized in decision-making. RACI tool helps in outlining the activities in an organization to that of the people and their roles.  With RACI, you can categorize the roles within each task into the following 4 categories: Responsible: These are the people, who perform tasks and are responsible for work. Accountable: predominately the people in charge of the particular task or work. These people are accountable for the correct completion and the delivery of the task.  Consulted: These are people who are not directly involved in the task but give feedback to assist the task owner in the decision making process. Informed: These are the people who need to be informed once the task is “done and dusted” RACI is a great step towards Business Process Improvement Methodology.
This tool is a straight forward approach in which you handle multiple projects at one time. With the help of the RACI project tools, you can stay informed about the progress of every project and contributions of working team members in the project development. The major advantage of using RACI is that it prevents role-confusion that is likely to occur between various employees of organizations and thus affect the productivity. RACI matrix represents the systematic chart that makes gives a clear view of responsibilities for every team member working on the project. RACI is helpful in Organizational Change Management to create incremental progress graphs for the organization. This tool not only helps managers to set appropriate deadlines for the project but also plays a vital role in meeting with task deadlines. Visit to subscribe different packages of RACI. You can get further details about RACI and RACI plans from the website Cleanroom project Suppliers

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